Whitepaper 2.0 Release

Please be informed that we released the updated Whitepaper. As the ZEN project progresses, our business model, the insight on charity industry, roadmap to achieve our goal etc., have been improved. Hence we decided to reflect all the major improvements on the Whitepaper and release it before the coming public launch of ZEN Charity Platform.

Appointment of Dr.Alessandro Ciacchini to ZEN Global Limited Board as Executive Director

ZEN Global Limited has appointed Dr.Alessandro Ciacchini to its Board as Executive Director, with effect from 26 Jun 2019. Dr. Ciacchini's excellency was UK Chief of Economic Mission for Guinea-Bissau West Africa until 2012. He is domiciled in Lugano, Switzerland with offices in Lugano, Riga, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

He has a law degree, and a masters degree in economic science. His excellency is advisor to many financial and government institutions on many African financial and economic problems, including food sustainability chain and water wasting reduction. He is an independent asset advisor for several financial institutions.  He is director of MO Technologies LLC, and Non-Executive Director in Agostar Group Holding. He is appointed as Manager at Trustfin Group Sa, Lugano, and has interest in Trustfin Group Sa, as Chief Investments Advisor.

His expertise is in finance, strategic planning, construction and minerals. His excellency is having strong relationships in Asia, particularly on the ASEAN Countries, and in Latin America, particularly in Argentina, Dominican Republic and Brasil.

Listing Announcement

We are proud to announce the AEN token will be listed on the Bitaladdin as follows;

Bitaladdin (

Listing Date & Time
11th MAY 2019 01:00 UTC-0500

Bitaladdin is to run a rewards promotion on both deposits and trades for 1month after lisitng.

Announcement of Zen Global Ltd plans to acquire less than 30% stake in World Trade Systems plc.

World Trade Systems plc (WTS) is listed on the main market operated by the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2003, WTS disposed of its only operating business. WTS was basically operating without any source of income, and was completely reliant on loans from its then majority and controlling shareholder, Kudrow Finance Limited("Kudrow"), a holding company established in the British Virgin Islands on 30 November 1999 (L.B.C. No. 354976).

In Feb 2016, Suzhou Weibao Company Ltd (SZWB) acquired 2,500,000 shares in WTS and a wholly-owned subsidiary was set up in China to focus on the development and distribution of health food products targeting mid/high end consumers. WTS applied to have this new business form the basis for new shares to be listed and be admitted to trade on the Main Board of the LSE. The application for listing was supported by Kudrow's loans and new loans organized by Sichuan & Co., (Hong Kong) Limited ("Sichuan & Co."), a Hong Kong investor, but was not successful. SZWB has since discontinued support of WTS from August of 2018.

Zen Global Limited, which is incorporated in England, has been set up to provide a comprehensive fundraising and Blockchain-enabled platform. The platform is built on Blockchain Ethereum and works by creating Smart Contracts between donors, charities and the final beneficiaries. Zen Global's ambition is to take a position of leadership in evidencing how Blockchain technology can transform paradigms for transparency and efficiency in the non-profit marketplace.

Zen Global has engaged a team of technology experts, including Tokyo Creative, DIG Japan and AI CODER, Singapore to fully concentrate on the product development. Zen will launch its Beta Version by end of April.

To read the full article on the London Stock Exchange’s website, please click the link below
RNS Number : 7903R news-detail/other/13989604.html

Takamasa Kawasaki
CEO of ZEN Global Limited


In a meeting filled with laughter, singing and sharing stories, The Duke of Sussex praised the “great work” carried out by members of the CAMFED alumnae network, CAMA, and other youth leaders. They had gathered together for a special event in Lusaka, Zambia, organized by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust in celebration of what young change-makers are achieving in their communities. The exchange of ideas also struck a more serious note, as young women and men spoke of the urgent issues they are working to address.

The Duke of Sussex attended this event in his role as President of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. He was welcomed by 70 CAMA members, who proudly partnered with hosts Circus Zambia to stage this dynamic event, and joined with young leaders from the Asikana Network, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project, and Agents of Change.

The work of CAMA, experts in girls’ education, women’s empowerment and youth leadership, is admired by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who share a commitment to these issues. CAMA, which in 2018 celebrates its 20th Anniversary, is increasingly gaining the visibility and recognition it deserves, working hand-in-hand with CAMFED as a powerful force for change.

Takamasa Kawasaki
CEO of ZEN Global Limited


On 28th Nov, our business partner in Japan market, Redhorse Corporation, entered a cooperative agreement with Moriya city, Ibaraki prefecture.

This agreement includes an examination to implement a blockchain-based charitable giving concept to hometown tax business as well as crowdfunding system by experiment.

Upon completion of ZEN platform, we will cooperatively start implementing it step-by-step for Moriya city to improve transparency as well as traceability of its hometown tax system as well as crowdfunding system.

Takamasa Kawasaki
CEO of ZEN Global Limited


Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex will meet young leaders from across CAMFED’s alumnae network, CAMA on his solo trip to Zambia on 27 November.

“For him to step in and say, ‘These are not just women’s issues, they are about human beings’ issues, they are about dignity’ — him putting his voice in this means a lot,” says Angeline Murimirwa, executive director of CAMFED, who will meet Harry on Tuesday.

CAMFED tackles poverty and inequality in sub-Saharan Africa through the education of girls and the empowerment of young women. And through its alumni association, CAMA, which Murimirwa co-founded, members go out into communities and encourage even more young girls to get into education. Since it started in 1992, by helping just 32 students in Zimbabwe, CAMFED has aided four million schoolchildren.

Murimirwa tells People-American weekly magazine, she admires the efforts of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to use their public profile to “bring attention to this issue and it will also bring attention to CAMA as a network.”

We sincerely congratulate CAMFED on this great occassion.

Takamasa Kawasaki
CEO of ZEN Global Limited


15th Nov – Zen Global Limited and the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 1st November 2018, through which CAMFED has agreed to trial the new Zen Platform for a period of two years.

Founded in 1993, the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) is an international non-profit organization, tackling poverty and inequality by supporting marginalized girls in sub-Saharan Africa to go to school and succeed, and empowering young women to step up as leaders of change.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) by Lucy Lake, CEO of CAMFED and Mr Takamasa Kawasaki, CEO of Zen Global Limited.

The new Zen Platform, which will launch in 2019, will be a state-of-the art fundraising hub, which will be available for use as a third-party application for clients. The platform will offer highly developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality and advanced Blockchain technology, to create an open-source system whereby stakeholders e.g. Donors, non-profits, third parties and recipients - can verify transactions and information independently.

Zen Global has recently developed the new cryptocurrency, the AEN Token, which was formally launched during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in September 2018. Zen Global aspires, in time, to pioneer the use of cryptocurrency in the non-profit sector globally.

Takamasa Kawasaki
CEO of ZEN Global Limited


16 September – The ZEN Global Limited and the National Zakat Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 6 September in London to kick-start cooperation in adopting the Blockchain technology for the Islamic philanthropy sector.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of National Zakat Foundation (NZF) by Mr. Azim Kidwai, Trustee of NZF and Director of Mercy Mission and Mr Takamasa Kawasaki, CEO of ZEN Global Limited.

The memorandum serves to provide a framework for understanding and cooperation between the parties for the achievement of their common goals with regard to improving governance, transparency, accountability, security and effectiveness in the distribution of Zakat. ZEN will have facility to operate as a ‘clearing house for charitable donations with game-changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities; an advanced capacity to enable Blockchain technology to create an open-source system whereby stakeholders - donors, non-profits, third parties and recipients - can verify transactions independently; the ability to give and receive donations using a new cryptocurrency, (the "AEN Token").

Areas of cooperation

a. National Zakat Foundation will support ZEN Global Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary by ZEN Limited, in piloting the ZEN platform in their system.
b . Regular feedback on the first version of platform for a better and successful pilot. c . Working closely to approach World Zakat Foundation and other national Zakat Foundation worldwide.

Takamasa Kawasaki
CEO of ZEN Global Limited

Token Issuance and Listing Announcement

It is with great pleasure to announce the AEN token will officially be issued to stakeholders accordingly and listed on the TokenX exchange.

We recommend keeping an eye on the TokenX official website to get the latest information.

Token Issuance
Issue Date
22nd SEP 2018

Token Listing

TokenX (

Listing Date & Time
28th SEP 2018 11:00 UTC+0100


The Board of Directors of Zen Ltd (the “Company”) wishes to announce that it has set up Zen Global Limited. as a wholly owned subsidiary, with its principal activities as providing a social platform to serve multiple different charitable causes and as ‘‘White Label’’ product for individual non-profit organizations.

Zen Global Limited (Company Registration No. 06790128) is incorporated under the Law of United Kingdom and its registered office located at 5 Frederick’s Place Old Jewry, EC2R 8JQ, London.

The Directors of the Zen Global Limited are:
1. Takamasa Kawasaki;
2. AKM Ismail;

The Zen Global Ltd will provide Zen Platform which consists of three core attributes:
•The facility to operate as a ‘clearing house’ for charitable donations with game-changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities;
•An advanced capacity to enable ‘Blockchain’ technology to create an open-source system whereby stakeholders - donors, non-profits, third parties and recipients - can verify transactions independently;
•The ability to give and receive donations using a new cryptocurrency, (the "AEN Token").
Save as disclosed above, none of the Directors or controlling shareholders of the Company has any interest, direct or indirect, in the above matter other than through their shareholding interests in the Company.

Takamasa Kawasaki
Executive Director
22 August 2018


There’re a couple of FAKE ICO websites which ZEN has nothing to do with. They insist they are formal agencies to sell AEN token, while ZEN is being hyped as “AEN is to be listed on Binance””AEN price is expected to be 100 times of token sale price” etc., Please pay attention to avoid Token sale fraud.